2016 News

10th Annual DWF Jubilee Meeting 2016
DWF organizes its 10th Annual Jubilee Meeting on water research and innovation on Thursday 28 January, 2016. Registration is open HERE. See first announcement of the meeting HERE.

Circular economy in the water sector. A DWF event: While the new buzz-word is Circular economy, does it actually fit with the water sector? In a whole-day seminar on 1 March 2016 in Kalundborg DWF will together with the new partnership "Kemi i Kredsløb" put a spot on this subject. The seminar will be in Danish. See more here


Three events organised by Danish Water Technology Group. Invitation to participate in three events organised by Danish Water Technology Group: Aquatech in Amsterdam - take part in Climate Adaptation Zone, deadline 18 September; Swedish Danish Water Days 16-19 November, deadline 25 September; Oceanian Danish Water Days, incl. pavilion at IWA World Congress & Exhibition, Brisbane, October 2015. See headlines for more information.

The growing importance of the water sector markets in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh - opportunities for Danish companies. Meeting organized by Asia House in cooperation with Danish Water Forum and the Trade Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. September 15, 2015, 13:45-17:30 at Asia House, Copenhagen. Registration deadline: September 8th. Read more HERE

Innovation as the new black in the (water) supply industry - Meeting about Innovation Fund Denmark, the Environmental Technology Development Program (MUDP) and Horizon 2020 (in Danish). September 7, 2015, 14:00-16:15 at Copenhagen University. Registration deadline: September 1st. Read more HERE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites potential applicants for development research grants 2016 to information meetings in Denmark on 12 March 2015, 14:15-16:00 at Copenhagen University and on 16 March 2015, 11:00-12:45 at Aarhus University. Read more HERE

The Foundation for Development of Technology in the Danish Water Sector (VTU-Fonden) is now open for 2015 applications. Deadline for applications is 2nd March 2015. Read more and find application form HERE (in Danish)

PRE-Announcement from Water JPI: Water JPI pre-announces an upcoming call for a joint research project. See flyer HERE

European Conference on Water Efficiency and the European preparations for World Water Forum 2015 in Korea
Danish Water Forum facilitates the European preparatory process for the 7th World Water Forum to take place in Korea, 12-17 April 2015 in cooperation with French Water Partnership. Next major event is the conference "Making every drop count - ways and methods to improve water efficiency globally and in Europe". The conference will discuss recommendations to improve water efficiency globally and in Europe.
Take a look at our conference invitation HERE and program HERE. Presentations are now available HERE

General Assembly in Danish Water Forum
The 2015 General Assembly took place April 22 in Copenhagen. Participating members approved the annual report and elected 3 new members of the Board: Katrine Rafn, Naturstyrelsen, Morten Riis, Grundfos and Morten Sørensen, Danske Regioner. Minutes of General Assembly soon to be available HERE

After the General Assembly Danish Water Forum hosted a thematic meeting on:
DWF Meeting on: “Funding in the water sector – Opportunities to attract private investors for investments in technology development and export within water” took place after the General Assembly, April 22.
Presentations from the meeting are available HERE (In Danish).

China Europe Water Platform invites to a meeting on 12. May. More HERE

DTU is starting a transverse centre for water activities Water DTU
Focus is wide and includes water technology, water systems, water resources, and water handling in urban, industrial, and nature contexts. The center is starting with a “Partner Seminar” in the Oticon hall the 18th-19th of May. See the program HERE.

External hearing of Danida’s professional platform with a hearing deadline May 22nd 2015 Trade- and Development Minister Mogens Jensen has decided to develop a new platform for the participation of the Danish business sector in Denmark’s development cooperation. It will contribute to that the skills within Danish company will be brought into play in the development cooperation. The platform consists of a number of new and already existing business tools. With a point of departure in the industrial platform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continuously try out new approaches and form of collaboration. Reponses to the hearing are to be sent to grv@um.dk no later than May 22nd. See more HERE.

Municipality of Viborg arranges a tour to Chongqing, their Chinese partner municipality 30 May to 4 June 2015.
The Mayor of Viborg, Torben Nielsen, participates in the tour together with Danish companies. The focus of the tour is water supply and waste water and it will be possible to meet relevant stakeholders and see a number of interesting projects and sites to visit. See the invitation HERE and see the programme HERE

Training for start-ups and information about Danish start-up in Silicon Valley and the Danish programme SCALEit, which has helped 84 Danish companies in achieveing results since 2011. The event takes place in Founders House Monday the 1st of June 2015 from 16-18.30. More information HERE.

Save the Date: WATEC Seminar 2015 In Aarhus, Thursday 4th June, "Water Efficiency - and the Water Technology Sector in Israel", to explore opportunities in Israel for innovative Danish businesses and research institutions. The WATEC Seminar will take place at Aarhus Water, Bautavej 2, Aarhus on Thursday 4th June at 16.00. See Seminar Invitation and WATEC Invitation and introduction to Israel's Water Technology Industry

Development Research – also for water. Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) introduces a “Research Collaboration Marketplace” at the DFC website. The Marketplace can be used by South research applicants from Ghana, Tanzania, and Nepal in the search for Danish research partners and by Danish researchers, who wish to be contacted by South researchers. See the DFC website for more information.

China Europe Water Platform - experiences and opportunities for Danish companies
Water Technology is a new, central focus area for China. CEWP has adopted a new 3-annual Work Programme. We are starting new activities within the bilateral Danish-Chinese cooperation. What are the impacts of this for Danish companies?
This is the topic for a seminar on June 2nd, 10:00-13:00 at University of Copenhagen, where we will present the ideas for activities and discuss experiences from water and other cooperation activities in China with representatives of universities, companies and organisations.
See programme (in Danish)
HERE and registration for CEWP Meeting HERE.

Seminar on meeting regarding how can companies, universities and politicians work together in bringing Denmark in front in the global water fight? Arranged by Grundfos, The University of Copenhagen and Sustainia 12th of June on Bornholm. See more in Danish HERE.

Four shades of green: How does your company work to promote a transition to green economy. Erhvervsstyrelsen - Green Transition Fund, Innovation Network Service Platform, Innovation Network Smart Energy and the Alexandra Institute invite you to participate in a workshop on green transition, green services and green business models on Monday, June 15th from 13.00-17.00 in Copenhagen. More information HERE.

European conference 24 – 26 June in Brussels: “Water Innovation Europe 2015: The role of water in the circular economy” looking into challenges and opportunities for water in the circular economy concept. How a circular approach to water can be given shape in an urban, industrial, and agricultural context. More information HERE.

EWA Seminar in Brussels on 29 June 2015: A guide to EU Water Policy.
An interactive seminar giving a general overview of the EU water policy, indcluding ample time is planned for discussions. More information HERE

Water Security for Sustainable Growth: IWA organises IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition with this topic in Jordan, 18-22 October 2015.