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Water and Energy Efficiency for Green Growth

What is green growth? How does promoting water efficiency pave the way for green growth? How do we improve water efficiency in all sectors? How can we secure sustainable development within the limited water resources that we have?
The topic of this session will be promoting green growth and improving water efficiency. Water efficiency must be sought in industry, agriculture, cities, households, energy production by improving sustainable use of wastewater and by finding ways to reduce 80% of water losses.

The session aims to search for solutions that can be implemented at both regional and global level by sharing regional knowledge and successful cases in the Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Water efficiency can be improved with a broader perspective by going beyond investments and implementation of technologies to include raising awareness of communities, and searching for good management practices. 

The session covered the whole water cycle and carried out discussions with different stakeholders by looking into water saving and water stewardship and search for solutions from across the different sectors