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Making Every Drop Cound – European Water Efficiency Conference,  3rd February 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark

European conference on ways and methods to improve water efficiency globally and in Europe. Participants joined the conference to discuss key elements of improving water efficiency and main water and energy links and to discuss recommendations for water efficiency in the coming UN Sustainable Development Goal on water and in EU policies and strategies with representatives of UN organisations and EU. 


As we are heading for an increasingly water stressed world with a population of 9 billion people, all with the same right to safe water, healthy food and a sound environment it is increasingly important to find ways to use our water as efficiently as possible.


Topics discussesd at the conference were

  • Recommendations on how to highlight water efficiency on the global water agenda

  • European key challenges priorities and actions for improving water efficiency, in particular in urban and industrial water management

  • Implementation of water efficiency nationally, at EU-level and internationally - presenting cases on promoting and improving water efficiency and discuss how to overcome barriers

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