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Meetings and Events in the European Regional Process:

Sessions in Korea:

Documents from pre-view session - kick-off meeting "European Regional Process towards the 7th World Water Forum, 19 May 2014

Meeting Report

List of European events, May-December 2014


World Water Forum 7 and links to Marseille - issues and objectives
Henri Begorre, French Water Partnership

European regional process and objectives
Bjørn K. Jensen, Danish Water Forum

Water in the SDGs - in a European context. Continued challenges, tasks, responsibilities and opportunities
Henrik Dissing, Danish Ministry for the Environment

Water security and sustainable growth - an input to the Post 2015 process from GWP
Richard Müller, GWP Central and Eastern Europe

Climate change adaptation
Nicholas Bonvoisin, UNECE

EU directives implementation
Jean François Donzier, International Office for Water

Transboundary water management
Arnould Lefebure, International Scheldt Commission

Water efficiency
Miriam Feilberg, Danish Water Forum

WWF 2015 Science and technology process
Bjørn K. Jensen, Danish Water Forum

Durk Kroll, WssTP



Regional Kick-off Meeting

The regional process is a key element in the World Water Forums. The purpose of the regional processes is to discuss measures to address water issues in relation to a specific regional context.

For 2015 French Water Partnership and Danish Water Forum were selected as regional coordinators. One of our first activities was to invite all stakeholders to participate in the kick-off meeting held on May 19, 2014, and to participate actively in the European Regional Preparations.

At the kick-off meeting the following topics were selected by participants:

  • Water efficiency (broad definition)
  • Transboundary water management
  • Implementation of EU Directives and UNECE Convention
  • Climate Change
  • Urbanization - Innovate urban water management
  • Science and Technology related to data and information management, skills, and knowledge gaps


You can see a report of the meeting HERE