World Water Forum
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Integrated Urban Water Management - Living with water in cities of tomorrow - Challenges and ways forward towards implementation of solutions based on cases from Europe, Asia-Pacific, Americas and Arab countries

By 2050, more than 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. In Europe, this process stagnated in the 1950’ies, but in many other parts of the world this development is continuing fast with more and more people seeking towards cities for better opportunities. This development may well be irreversible and cities are giving many people better options for employment, education and growth. 

However, there are many challenges related to this process. They have been discussed over the world in the preparations for World Water Forum and we have identified challenges related to urban water governance, integrated management of the cities’ water resources, climate change adaptation, finding ways to live with the water and use water in the urban landscape, infrastructure development for new cities and upgrading for old cities, capacity development and stakeholder integration. 

The purpose of this session was to discuss global challenges, share lessons on solutions and find ways to improve global cooperation on integrated urban water management