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HORIZON 2020: DK meeting on 13 November CANCELLED

European Regional Process - Workshop in Barcelona
Workshop on "Promotion of Innovation and Linking Science and Technology" within the European Regional Process for World Water Forum 2015 in Korea. November 6, 13:00-17:00 in Barcelona. Read more

Two new articles on hydrogeophysics from Aarhus University. Find the articles HERE

Danish-Myanmar Water days 26-28 November. Read more here

VTU-Fonden open for applications. See MORE

HUSK at checke VANDKALENDEREN for at finde viden om vandrelaterede events. Send os gerne input.

European Regional Process - Preview session
Kick-off meeting of the European Regional Process towards the 7th World Water Forum takes place on May 19, 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00 at MCE Conference Center in Brussels. Read more Presentations and meeting report are now available HERE


News & Ongoing Events

DANCORE Seminar 2014
Presentation of results of the research programme COADAPT (Danish Coasts and Climate Adaptation). December 3, 2014, 09:30-16:40 at Geocenter Denmark in Copenhagen. Read more

Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS)
Enhance your competitiveness with solution-based co-creation. High level event arranged by CLEAN to disclose the findings of the Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS) project. November 27, 2014 at 14:30 in Frederiksberg. Read more

INNO-MT Workshops
INNO-MT is planning a number of workshops during the autumn and winter months, including a workshop in Beijing in December where Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor - City of Copenhagen, will participate. Interested companies are welcome to participate. For more information, see INNO-MT newsletter HERE (in Danish)

Calendar of DWF events in 2014 and 2015
DWF organizes a number of meetings and events in the next year on topics like Horizon 2020, Annual Danish Water Research Meeting, Water Efficiency and the role of strategic research after the establishment of the Danish Innovation Fund. Read more

Urbanization - Innovative Urban Water Management
Workshop within the European process up to World Water Forum 2015. November 17, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Read more

WssTP Newsletter
WssTP's October Newsletter is now available. Read more

Strategic Alliance Urban Water & Industry China
Invitation from Trade Council in China to participate in events in China (Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong) in December 2014. Read more

Brokerage H2020 event
WssTP and ERRIN are arranging their annual Brokerage H2020 event which will take place on November 26-27 at Lombardy Region Brussels' delegation in Brussels. For further information about program and registration, read more here

Danish Water Technology House in Singapore
New information from Challenge:water and the Freshwater Centre about the Danish Water Technology House in Singapore. New staff has been hired to market Danish companies, and companies interested in selling their products and services to the South East Asian market may wish to learn more about this and the participation in the Singapore Water Week. Read about the opening of Danish Water Technology House and DWTH participation at Singapore International Water Week HERE

Do you know JPI Water? JPI Water is ambitious challenge to tackle water in a changing world. Check their website and sign up for their newsletters HERE

New EIP Water action groups
EIP Water has selected 16 new action groups to be included in the partnership. One of them is "DIS-SMEs - Demand-Driven Innovation Support for SMEs through the Network of National Water Partnerships" led by EWP European Water Partnership, Belgium and with active participation of Danish Water Forum. Read more

Danish Embassy in India posts water-article in Times of India, 22 March
The Danish Embassy posted an article relating India water problems to Danish solutions. See the article HERE

DWRIP Annual Meeting
The 8th Annual Water Research Meeting was held on 30 January 2014 at KU Science, Frederiksberg. The meeting was arranged by Danish Water Research & Innovation Platform and DWF. Final programme and presentations are now available HERE

EIP Water
News from European Innovation Partnership for Water - follow the development within existing Action Groups and up-coming Action Groups as well as other activities within this new approach to EU research and innovation. For more information and to sign up for news, see EWP webpage HERE

8th World Water Forum 2018 to be hosted in Brazil
During its 51st Board of Governors' meeting the World Water Council has selected the city of Brasilia to welcome the 8th World Water Forum in 2018. Unfortunately, this leaves Denmark, who had also bid for the event, as the loser in this competition. The focus of the Danish campaign was the need for new solutions based on the water, energy and food nexus to overcome global water scarcity and promote the export of green solutions. Denmark will continue its international activities to achieve this goal. Congratulations to Brazil. Read more (in Danish)

Danish Water Forum participates in access2innovation
A project to promote a commercial approach to poverty reduction, where partners come together to work out solutions to concrete problems in the developing world and allow business partners to access vast new markets with sustainable products which are in demand. Read more

European Water Association Seminar
The European Water Association is organizing an annual seminar on water policy in the EU. Topics are overview of EU institutions and EU decision-making processes, "Who is who in water" in the EU? and EU water legislation and water-related policy. This year the seminar takes place on June 16, 2014 in Brussels. Read more

News from European Water Partnership
The European Water Stewardship programme. The campaign includes a net water-goal among the sustainable development goals to replace the 2015 goals - the Millennium Development Goals - and an invitation to participate in the discussion on how to address the long-term sustainability of food production. See more

SThe Third Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation
The conference is a follow-up to the highly successful conferences in Stockholm (2010) and Helsinki (2012) and aims to bring together scientists, practitioners and policy-makers with a particular interest in the Nordic region. August 25-27, 2014 in Copenhagen. Read more

7th WWF - First Announcement
The 7th World Water Forum has issued its First Announcement, which will serve as guiding principles for the work leading to 2015 and beyond. The 7th World Water Forum will take place in Daegu Gyeongbuk in the Republic of Korea, April 12-17, 2015. Read more






















Key Issues:

DWF key activities include:

Danish Water Forum

Your gateway to water knowledge!

Danish Water Forum is a network of Danish water organizations aiming at highlighting Danish water expertise and knowledge and facilitating concerted actions. The competences and high standards of its members make DWF an excellent entry point to the Danish water sector and its services within all aspects of water industry, technology, science and management. DWF represents:

  • Contractors and manufacturers
  • Water companies and consultants
  • Research institutions
  • Government authorities and NGOs

DWF is open to all Danish organizations within water and related sectors such as environment, agriculture, and health.

Knowledge, research, production, engineering, and management

With our activities we aim at:

  • promoting export of innovative Danish solutions for the water sector
  • strengthening cooperation in the Danish water sector
  • enhancing the visibility of Danish water expertise
  • linking water networks in North and South

You can read more about our activities by signing up for our electronic newsletter.


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