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PRE-Announcement from Water JPI:

Water JPI pre-announces an upcoming call for a joint research project. See flyer HERE.

Annual Danish Water Research Meeting

The meeting was held 29th January in Copenhagen with more than 100 participants, focussing on “Research and technology development and current practice in relation to Danish groundwater based sustainable water supply as a world leading expertise.” Presentations will be published soon HERE



European Conference on Water Efficiency and the European preparations for World Water Forum 2015 in Korea
Danish Water Forum facilitates the European preparatory process for the 7th World Water Forum to take place in Korea, 12-17 April 2015 in cooperation with French Water Partnership. Next major event is the conference "Making every drop count - ways and methods to improve water efficiency globally and in Europe". The conference will discuss recommendations to improve water efficiency globally and in Europe.
Take a look at our conference invitation HERE and programme HERE

European Regional Process - Workshop in Barcelona
Workshop on "Promotion of Innovation and Linking Science and Technology" within the European Regional Process for World Water Forum 2015 in Korea. November 6, 13:00-17:00 in Barcelona. Read more

Two new articles on hydrogeophysics from Aarhus University. Find the articles HERE


News & Ongoing Events

VTUF Fund opens up for new applications 1 February 2015.See more HERE

INNO-MT calls for applications for "bubble-projects" deadline 12 March. See more HERE

EWA Spring Days 2015
Budapest Water Conference organized by the Hungarian Water Association in collaboration with the Budapest Waterworks. March 4-6, 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. Read more

ACQUEAU Spring Open Call 2015 is open
ACQUEAU Open Call supports projects in water sector. The first session for the next year will start at the beginning of 2015 and the project outline (PO) deadline will be on 15 January. Read more

INNO-MT Workshops
INNO-MT is planning a number of workshops during the autumn and winter months, including a workshop in Beijing in December where Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor - City of Copenhagen, will participate. Interested companies are welcome to participate. For more information, see INNO-MT newsletter HERE (in Danish)

Calendar of DWF events in 2014 and 2015
DWF organizes a number of meetings and events in the next year on topics like Horizon 2020, Annual Danish Water Research Meeting, Water Efficiency and the role of strategic research after the establishment of the Danish Innovation Fund. Read more

New EIP Water action groups
EIP Water has selected 16 new action groups to be included in the partnership. One of them is "DIS-SMEs - Demand-Driven Innovation Support for SMEs through the Network of National Water Partnerships" led by EWP European Water Partnership, Belgium and with active participation of Danish Water Forum. Read more






















Key Issues:

DWF key activities include:

Danish Water Forum

Your gateway to water knowledge!

Danish Water Forum is a network of Danish water organizations aiming at highlighting Danish water expertise and knowledge and facilitating concerted actions. The competences and high standards of its members make DWF an excellent entry point to the Danish water sector and its services within all aspects of water industry, technology, science and management. DWF represents:

  • Contractors and manufacturers
  • Water companies and consultants
  • Research institutions
  • Government authorities and NGOs

DWF is open to all Danish organizations within water and related sectors such as environment, agriculture, and health.

Knowledge, research, production, engineering, and management

With our activities we aim at:

  • promoting export of innovative Danish solutions for the water sector
  • strengthening cooperation in the Danish water sector
  • enhancing the visibility of Danish water expertise
  • linking water networks in North and South

You can read more about our activities by signing up for our electronic newsletter.


Danish Water Forum