Danish Water Forum works to promote Danish and international research, development and innovation in the water sector. Our aim is to strengthen the Danish water agenda by contributing to Danish knowledge and skills in international water organizations and in international and European initiatives on water.

We promote knowledge sharing on water and international exposure of Danish water knowledge, promoting cooperation in research, development and innovation among stakeholders in the Danish water sector and by contributing to the visibility of the Danish water efforts as a mark of quality and efficiency.


DWF was established in 2002 by a broad range of stakeholders related to the Danish water sector with the aim to share knowledge amongst all actors in the Danish water sector. Furthermore the aim is promoting and expanding the role of the Danish water sector at the international scene with an aim to promote Danish water expertise globally.

Among our members are contractors, consultants, research institutions, industries, utilities, organizations and government bodies. DWF is open to all Danish water sector stakeholders and relevant actors in related fields such as governance, environment, agriculture, and health. DWF seeks to contribute to close interaction and integration between research, technology, society, development, and the water sector.

Our members’ competencies include:

  • research and knowledge management for all aspects of water processing and management 

  • capacity building on water and environment 

  • water supply systems 

  • water treatment construction and processes 

  • equipment for water supply, sanitation and infrastructure development

  • climate change adaptation and mitigation related to water
  • advanced water resource assessment, monitoring and control systems 

  • cleaner and more energy efficient abstraction, distribution and treatment technologies

  • climate change adaptation and mitigation related to water

  • modelling of water resources, supply, sanitation and other issues

  • integrated water resources management