UN-Water 22-24 March 2023, New York

DWF at the UN-Water meeting with a side event

World Bank, OECD and DWF hosted a side-event on the value of groundwater in the UN-HQ on 22 March, LINK to the webcast from the session: HERE


The Hidden Wealth of Nations: Groundwater in Times of Climate Change

This is the landing page for requests about how Denmark is working with making the invisible groundwater visible, how to find it and utilize it and also how to prevent losses in the supply system. Link to WB-webside

All UN-water side events  The UN program

DWF Commitments: DWF is partner of the commitment made by DHI

Learn more about Groundwater: Danish White papers

Link to UN-Groundwater Summit and the DWF side-event, Dec.2022: UN-Groundwater Summit | Side Events | Room VI - YouTube (Jump to 8.15 hours)

Learn more about Non-revenue water: Danish White papers

Capacity-building: Advanced Water Cycle Management Course in Denmark:

Other: Source to sea Initiative



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