Annual Meeting 29 January 2015



9th Annual Water Research Meeting of DWF, 29 January 2015


Danish Water Forum hosted the 9th Annual Water Research Meeting at KU Science, 29 January 2015.

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Alternatives to groundwater based water supply: what are the challenges and solutions?, M. Rygaard, DTU Environment

Experiences from and challenges in a two-string water supply system, G.O. Gunnarsson, Reykjavik Energy

Opportunities for Danish companies and institutions within the China Europe Water Partnership, Hao Zhao, Ministry of Water Resources, PRC


Session 1: A future more diverse and optimized water supply

Mitigation of water loss at the supply side and water saving at the demand side - two sides of the same coin, H. Juul, VCS & H.-M. Friis Møller, KALFOR

Automated and energy-optimized well field operation, O.C. Thomsen, Orbicon, & H. Juul, VCS

Effective decision-making using groundwater models, O.Z. Jessen & M.B. Butts, DHI


Session 2: Drinking water treatment

The use of groundwater treatment in Denmark. To which extent and for what purposes have exemptions been granted?, M. Skriver, the Nature Agency

Designed water - A challenge to the concept of simple treatments, H.T. Madsen & E. Søgaard, AAU CHEM ENG.

Treatment of pesticide contaminated groundwater in sand filters, M. Hedegaard & H.-J. Albrechtsen, DTU Environment

Introduction of specific pesticide-degrading bacteria into waterworks sand filters, J. Aamand, GEUS

Removal of organic micropollutants from drinking water by electrochemistry: Experience obtained with pesticide residue BAM, J. Muff et al., AAU CHEM ENG.

Stratification of nitrification activity, kinetics and microbial density in rapid sand filters treating groundwater. What is the link with loading?, K. Tatari et al., DTU Environment

Phosphorus addition can increase nitrification in biological rapid sand filters for drinking water treatment, F.B. Wagner et al., DTU Environment


Session 3: Export of Danish solution on Groundwater-based water supply

Grundfos Lifelink, R.D. Mikkelsen, Grundfos

Hasselager-Kolt in China. An example of system export of a water supply solution, L.S. Andersen, COWI

Danish technology and experience for ground-water mapping in SE Asia, J. Baadsgaard Pedersen & J.D. Nielsen, EnviDan

SkyTEM, an international success. How and why?, P. Gisselø, SkyTEM Survey ApS


Session 4: Groundwater protection and quality

Danish groundwater bodies and their chemical status, L. Thorling et al., GEUS

Spatial variation of iodine in drinking water and groundwater in Denmark, D.D. Voutchkova et al., AU Geoscience

Discharge of biogas effluent and microbial pollution of drinking water wells in Vietnamese pig farming households, L.Q. Huong et al., KU HEALTH

Detection of small organics in water - the MUSE project, K.B. Frøhling, DTU Nanotech


Session 5: Water supply and Climate Change

Looking back to see ahead - using historic time series of ground water levels to assess the impact of future climate and land use change on groundwater formation under forests, J.R. Christiansen et al., KU IGN

Possibilities to combine future drinking water supply systems and cloud burst mitigation infrastructure, J.M. Thomsen, HOFOR

Need for a hydrogeological management framework as a basis for the urban water resources, S. Mielby, GEUS, & C. Ammitsøe, VCS

Modelling of stormwater infiltration for stream restoration. Beder (Aarhus) case study, L. Locatelli et al., DTU Environment


Side-event: Danish Water Partnership with China

Groundwater management, use and protection in Shandong Province, L.S. Andersen, COWI

Mitigation of Pollution from Diffuse Agricultural Sources, B.H. Andersen, Ejlskov

Remediation of contaminated areas - Wuxi Coking Plant, J.U. Bastrup, GEO

Working Group on Groundwater - Opportunities for integrated urban water solutions in China, M. Feilberg, DHI



Hvor mange bliver syge, når der trænger spildevand ind i distributionsnettet? - En mikrobien risikovurdering, C. Jørgensen & G. Heinicke, DHI

Selection and Testing of Surfactants for Enhanced In Situ Alkaline Hydrolysis (S-ISAH) of Pesticide DNAPL, J. Muff et. al., AAU CHEM ENG.

Drinking water N-pollution and public health effects: Creating a Danish drinking water nitrate quality map, J. Schullehner et al., GEUS

The prokaryotic community structures of waterworks sandfilters are shaped by groundwater chemistry, L. Ellegaard-Jensen et al., GEUS

Cost benefit in reducing water losses in water distribution systems, T. Sønnichsen, Water Consumer Council Gladsaxe and Gentofte

Biocides in Combined Sewer Systems: Dry and Wet Weather Occurence and Sources, U.E. Bollmann, AU Environment


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