Annual Meeting 29 January 2015



DWF 9th Annual Water Research Conference, 29 January 2015.


"Research and technology development and current practice in relation to Danish groundwater-based sustainable water supply as a world leading expertise"

More than 100 participants and +30 presentations made the day a success.

See all presentations HERE  See Abstracts HERE


Members of the Scientific Committee were: Bjørn K. Jensen, GEUS and DWF (chairman); Anders Bækgaard, VCS; Anders Refsgaard, COWI; Anker Højberg Lajer, GEUS; Esben Auken, Dept. of Geoscience, Aarhus University; Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen, DTU Environment; Hans-Martin Friis Møller, KALFOR; Jacob Larsen, Orbicon; Jens Aamand, GEUS; Jes Vollertsen, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University; Jesper Dannisøe, DHI; Marina Bergen Jensen, Dept. of Geoscience and Natural Resources Management, University of Copenhagen; Ole Mark, DHI; Peter E. Holm, Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen.





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